[closed][swap] taiwanese postcard

Hello, I’m a high school student in Taipei.
I have a special historical taiwanese famous figure in Qin dynasty (the Lin’s family) postcard.
Another postcard is a Chinese novelist’ s book cover (Lin yutang), it’s also brand new☺️

I want to swap a Ukraine cultural postcard.
Does anyone in Ukraine want to swap with me?
If you want, plz pm me.
Btw I will put my stamped postcard into envelope, hope you can do this for me as well☺️

Happy postcrossing,

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Hi Yannina,
Nice card :slight_smile:

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You have an interesting offer. But the postal monitor shows that it is impossible to send mail to Ukraine from Taiwan.
Maybe in the future the situation will change for the better.

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Maybe Yan can find someone from Europe/Asia who can forward the card to Ukraine.

I have postcards with old photos of Crimea Tatars, don’t know if you are interested in some.

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Omg I didn’t know that​:exploding_head::sob:
What a shame. Hope the situation will be better.

Well it sounds possible. Is it possible to mail a postcard from Ukraine to USA?

Yeah, mail works to the USA and to Taiwan too.

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I see. Thank you for the information