[CLOSED] State to State Postcard Taking Longer Than Usual

Hi everyone,

I sent a postcard to another person within the U.S. and it’s been 22 days since I sent it which is longer than what I’ve seen it usually takes. Should I message the person who is supposed to receive it or do I just continue to wait it out? Thank you!

Update: Thank you everyone! I think I’ll continue to wait just as some of you suggested!

Was it a private swap? I would say it seems appropriate time to send a follow up message.

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It’s through the Postcrossing website not a private swap.

Might be worth reaching out… check the user and see if they’ve been online recently?

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@Fangirllt a question for you: who requested the swap? You or them?

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I have a similar situation with 2 postcards going to the US. The 2 postcards are into their 40+ days of travel. The postcrossers seem to be active. I usually wait until the postcard has expired to send another postcard. I haven’t experienced long travel days within the states even if I live in Hawaii. My postal service experiences have been excellent so I’m still hoping that the postcards will reach the postcrossers soon. I spent time picking those postcards for them and I don’t have the same postcards in my stash. I will keep watch on the travel days for these two.

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If it was an official card (one where you draw a random member’s address, and write an ID number on the card) please don’t contact them until at least after it expires at 60 days.

22 days is not that unusual for USA to USA mail these days, and contacting them would ruin the surprise of who the card (which they’re probably about to receive :slightly_smiling_face:) is coming from.

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Yes. I agree. Just thought the travel time was longer than usual for my 2 postcards to the states.

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I agree 22 days is a long time, my average is a week at most, usually a few days less. I did have one take two weeks to me earlier this year, and there are a few places with serious local issues I understand. Right now, I have a card at 43 days (!) where I assumed the person had gone inactive, but registered a card very recently; I plan on sending them a second card. Another is at 19 days where they seem active, though consistently around two weeks minimum to register.

During summer vacation season, it’s possible a card could be waiting for a person to return home, either the recipient … or the person to whom it was mis-delivered!


A bit of information about first class letter (which includes postcards) delivery times within the U.S.

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