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Hi everybody!

I could really use some help regarding the French stamps.
I have bought from the La Poste online website some stamps, like the ones below:

And I went to my local post office to buy some stamp complements (Marianne 0.01€, 0.05€, 0.10€) in order to acheive the correct 1.50€ rate.
I was told that I am not able to use this type of stamps and complements for international sending, as they are all reserved to France (asked in 3 different post offices and 2/3 answers were “not possbile”)…

Could you please tell me if you have succesfully used this type of combinantion (domestic stamps+complements) for sending international postcards from France? I am really confused…

Many, many thanks


As long as your stamp value totals up to €1.50, the post will send it to you.

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Thank you for your answer! That’s what I thought as well. As long as the value of the stamps is written on them and the sum is 1.5€, all should be fine :blush: It was the answers of the postoffice employees that confused me :confused:

I think there is no problem as long as the postage is 1.50 euros or more. I have already franked with two stamps reserved for France. There was no problem. I think we answered you this because there is no more stamp of value other than 1.08, 1.50, 1.06 and 1.28. It is impossible to have small values. And sometimes in the post office, there are only red or green Marianne.

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I got this letter from France in April:

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Oh, that’s great, thank you so much for showing this to me! :blush:

Thank you all for your answers, I can now send without worry my postcards, with many beautiful stamps :blush:

I received a postcard with this postage today.


I would say buy them online

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That’s great, thank you! That’s how I intend to do it :slight_smile: