[Closed] Postcrossers in Serbia - Please Help!

Are there any postcrossers in Serbia who can help me please? I purchased some cards and stamps to mail from Serbia on an upcoming River Cruise, however due to low water on the Danube the ship is unable to get there and I won’t be able to visit :frowning: I am very disappointed as I was really looking forward to it.

Would one kind postcrosser from Serbia be willing to recieve 5 cards in an envelope and post them from Serbia for me please?

I can include some FOTW Serbia / Serbian maxicards / postcards from the UK in the envelope too, for the person who can help to keep. Or if you’d prefer a written & stamped postcard from the UK, I send you one too!

I would really really appreciate if anyone could help! Thank you :postbox:

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I’d be happy to help, sending you a message! :blush:

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