[CLOSED] Portugal post: usual travel time

I have some questions for portuguese postcrossers: I spent may in Portugal and sent cards from there. About a third of them is still travelling after 30-50 days, even within Europe. Is this travel time normal? Or is it possible that a third has been lost by the post?

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Hello! How did you send the cards? By CTT or by those red boxes that are on some shops?

All our CTT (the official mail service) mail leave the country by airmail and mail to and from abroad are all priority, they are sent/delivered faster than inside mail. There are no news about mail leaving having problems.

Since Covid started the times of delivery are higher than usual but that’s a problem common to everyone, some countries take longer than others. 30 - 50 days can happen but it’s not normal. Today a card I sent to CH was registered after 57 days travelling, a card to Russia took only 24 days, but then…

|PT-751981|Vitorinha|Portugal|7/Jun/2022|22/Jun/2022|15 days|
|PT-752004|Perfusorspritze|Germany|7/Jun/2022|22/Jun/2022|15 days|

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Thank you for explaining! I guess they still have a chance :slight_smile:

I sometimes used shop postboxes and sometimes street postboxes. But I can’t tell now which cards were deposited in which. Is there a difference in delivery time?

For my experience with those boxes abroad, most likely, the mail never arrives or takes ages to arrive… :expressionless:

That’s why I always advise people to send only postage stamps from CTT, our official post offices and buy the stamps at their shops (street shops that sell CTT stamps sell them for higher prices).

Now I don’t get it. Are some of the postboxes not from the post?

Or stamps that are not from the post? I’m lost :grinning:

My European record breaker is CZ to FI in 79 days: Postcard CZ-1910400 - without any reason. Just travelling, enjoying the journey, probably visiting all the sights along the way…

Hm, only now I googled that there are two different services for postcards. So that would be the source of my problem. Somehow this didn’t cross my mind and I assumed a stamp and a postbox are always official, and totally mixed everything together.
So in your experience, the other than CTT service is always lost? :cry: That would be a shame, because Porto had one of the most beautiful postcards I ever seen!

Mine is CZ-1039794 - 268 km in 328 days. The card probably went on foot and stopped in China for a tea :grinning:

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