(CLOSED) Please help me track down a young Postcrosser in China!

I recently received a beautiful Gotochi card from a 14 year old Postcrosser in China. Sadly there was no Username, no Postcard ID and no return address. I reached out to the moderators but there was not enough info for them to figure it out.

Can anyone help by either reading the postmark

or identifying the name or city and province they live in? He/she says it is a beautiful seaside city in China.

I hate to not be able to thank a 14 year old who clearly spent some thought and money on this.

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide!


Dalian (city), Liaoning (province), China
1st September, 2021


A not that helpful but rather entertaining point: the bottom line reads ‘8th March Square - 1’, whose namesake is apparently the international women’s day; very socialist, isn’t it?

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Thanks much for your help :relaxed: With the clue of Dalian I was able to track her down and thank her properly.


By the way, the cartoon stamp might be a clue as well. You may search the meet-ups that were held in Dalian City and find the organizer to ask if by any chance they know the owner of that cartoon stamp. Because most participants of China’s Postcrossing meet-ups have their own unique rubber stamp.

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The cartoon stamps show his nickname 鑫仔.
And looks like he own 2 dogs and 1 cat haha

I will connect with the host of the Dalian meetup

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We didn’t find the boy by this nickname.will continue ask in the meetup group.so sorry

Thanks for your efforts! I have managed to locate the Postcrosser who sent it and send thanks. So I appreciate your efforts! But no further efforts are needed.

Stay warm!


The topic was closed at the request of the TO.