[CLOSED + PHOTO UPDATE] Italian pupils from Florence want to discover the world

Hello everybody,
We are two teachers (English and Geography) from an Italian middle school in Florence.
This year (2023-2024), we decided to give our students the opportunity to discover the world and practice their English through Postcrossing.

Would you like to send them a postcard?

Here’s our address:
Scuola Secondaria Barsanti
Via Lunga 94
Firenze (FI)

(This is a public address and I understand it’s being posted on a public forum)

Our students are from 11 to 13 years old and they belong to two different classes (1E and 2A).
Here are their messages for you:

1E (11-12 years old):
"Hello, we are the 1E of Barsanti School in Florence.
We would like to receive a postcard from your country.
We have some questions for you:

  • What’s your name and surname? how old are you? where are you from?
  • Do you have any animals?
  • What’s your favourite food?
  • What’s your favourite sport?
  • Do you like pizza?
  • Do you prefer Messi or Maradona? Ferrari or Lamborghini?

Goodbye and have a splendid day!!"

2A (12-13 years old):
" Hi, we are the 2A of Barsanti middle school.
We are very happy to take part to this project.
We are very curious and we have some questions for you:

  • Does your country belong to the EU? If so, are you happy about it? why?
  • Would you recommend us to visit your country? why?
  • Tell us about your favourite typical dish
  • Tell us about your local traditions
  • Which are the most important monuments in your city?
  • Is there rubbish on the streets in your city? are there rules to keep the city clean and avoid pollution? are there more petrol or electric cars in your city?
  • Do you experience climate change in your country?

Thank you and goodbye!!"

It would be lovely if you could start the postcard with either “Dear 1E” or “Dear 2A”.
Feel free to write your address on the postcard: they would answer back with joy!
You can also send us a message with your address and they would be happy to send you a postcard from Florence (:

All the best and happy Postcrossing!

P.s.: los alumnos de la 1E estudian también español, tandis que les élèves de la 2A étudient français, so feel free to write in those languages if you want! It would be a great way for them to practice French and Spanish too!

You all are very kind <3


I will send a postcard :smile:


i will post the cards tomorrow

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I will send cards :grinning:

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I’ll send a card from Canada

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Sent today.

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I’m sending a Chuvash postcard for class 1E.

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I will send cards tomorrow!

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I also will send a postcard

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We put one in the mail this morning (December 18) for each class. Identical cards but different messages, to answer the various questions provided. Feel free to e-mail us via Postcrossing if your students have any follow-up questions! Happy to help a class project.

-Tara & Mychal

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Cinder the Traveling Dragon

I am sending out this toy dragon for a round the world year of the dragon tour. You can check out the thread and see if you guys may want to host him with the classes and add to his story. We will be creating his story from various hosts. He stays with a host for 2 weeks and then sent to the next. He is very light and will be cheap to mail. The students will enjoy the creativity in adding to his story and each could get a postcard sent from Las Vegas. I thought it might be fun for the kids. Let me know your thoughts



OK. Inside a large envelope, I am today (18 December) mailing two smaller envelopes, one for each class, with some postcards and other age-appropriate enclosures. Regards, JamesC

OK. All’interno di una busta grande, oggi (18 dicembre) spedisco due buste più piccole, una per ogni classe, con alcune cartoline e altri allegati adatti all’età. Saluti, JamesC

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Will be sending from Hong Kong.


I would be happy to send a card to each class. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

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Two waterfall postcards are on their way to the students.



I send a postcard from The Netherlands


Hello profcrossing,

First of all, I want to congratulate the initiative of these young people and also their teachers, I think it is an interesting activity rich in knowledge for them.

With pleasure I will participate from the Pyrenees, sending one for each group telling some curiosities about both sides of the Pyrenees (the Catalan/Spanish one and the French one).


This sounds good! My two postcards from Spain will be sent tomorrow! Good luck :blush:

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This sounds a wonderful project!
I will be sending cards from Japan :smile:

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I will send a postcard from Malaysia~ :malaysia:

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