[CLOSED]: Opening a Philatelic Deposit Account (Mumbai GPO)


Does anyone have experience opening a PDA account through India Post? If so, would you be willing to guide me through the process?

Would appreciate input on the following-

  1. I’ve attached an example order form. Based on the hypothetical example and assuming I have deposited enough money, can you clarify if this order indicates I would like to receive a single set of all the Mini Sheets/Souvenir Sheets, Top Marginal Block of 4 (of all full sheets), and Mint Commemorative Stamps for one calendar year, twice a year? I’m confused by how this section of the form must be filled.

  2. What do Once, Twice, Four times a year, and Six times a year mean? Does this indicate the frequency at which you would like to receive stamps from the Philatelic Bureau?

  3. Where do I indicate the Philatelic Bureau (I live in Mumbai, so I know this is the Mumbai GPO) I need to choose?



I wish to know more details about this too. When I asked about it, the department told me to visit in person at the head post office, and there was no online means to do this.

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You have to visit directly to the philatelic bureau which is near and only important cities in Each state have. Maharashtra has in Mumbai Gpo, Pune , nagpur and iam not sure whether nasik has.

Hello there, i have philately dispatch account which I opened in 2017 and then i wasn’t presented with this much detailed form, or then incharge did the selection of stamps for me haha
But now i have changed my plan, but despite of having plan of having 4 stamps, i get Only 2 or sometimes only 1 stamp per issue

And yes, dispatch is done by Postal service so no charge, you can select frequency of receiving pda dispatch, my PO does around 2 months

Mumbai, pune have philately bureau and may be nashik also have bureau if I’m not mistaken

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For Philately Deposit Account you can contact the Philatelc Bureau through phone or mail and ask about opening of Account… fill the form as per your requirement of philatelic materials with quantity… and also frequency to receive this. Thereafter you can submit the form physically or online through mail . Submit the the account opening fee of Rs 200 through Money Order because the minimum balance should be ₹ 200/ you can submit more money as per your requirement to keep the balance positive. They will also contact you for confirmation of your requirement.

After opening of Account, you will receive philatelic materials as per your selected frequency from the Philatelic Bureau.

Hope it will be helpful.


Thanks for the input everyone! I visited the GPO here in Mumbai yesterday and got the details for the opening the PDA through the philately bureau there.

Sharing current information based on GPO in Mumbai. Not sure if this applies to other GPOs so it would be best to check and get information that is up-to-date.
The form cannot be submitted online and a physical form has to be submitted to the Philatelic Dispatch Office at the GPO. Once opened the account can be refilled via NEFT only.

Sharing Philately Department and PDA details from the Mumbai GPO if they may be helpful to anyone in the area.

Here is the form that needs to be filled.