[CLOSED] OFFER: Japanese Moomins New Year Postcard REQUEST: Finnish Christmas Postcard

Edited to add:

This offer is now closed. Thank you everyone for your interest!


Would anyone in Finland like to receive this Japanese Moomin New Year Postcard of the year of the Tiger from me in Japan?

Here is the image :


In return, I would love to receive a Christmas postcard from you of the themes of either little Santa(s), children illustrations, reindeer, trolls or any of these images together. If possible, blank / unwritten in an envelope with a note as I would also like to share them with my friends in Japan. You do not have to show me the image of the card, I trust your taste :slight_smile:

I can swap with about 12 people.

Please post under this thread if you would like to swap with me (so I can keep track of our swap) and then message me with your address.

Please also let me know if you would like the card written and stamped or blank in the envelope.

It is still early but happy holidays and a happy new year of 2022, and as always, happy Postcrossing !

Greetings from Japan :slight_smile:

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I have some cute ones


hello, thank you but i think i prefer to receive from Finland as i collect stamps from there too. (i see you are in taiwan.)

Hi @clubpostcards I would like to swap with you. I would like to get the card written and stamped.

Hi @clubpostcards ,

I would gladly swap with you :tiger:.

swap with two people arranged.

i can still swap with 10 more people :slight_smile:

please post under this thread and message me your address. tell me if you like the card written and stamped or blank in an envelope.

@clubpostcards I would like to swap cards with you.
I like to receive written and stamped please.

I would like to swap! I have a few old Christmas cards waiting to be sent. :slight_smile: You can send the card written and stamped.

I’m interested in receiving that Moomin card unwritten in an envelope.
I have reserved two Finnish Christmas cards for you.
PM to you.

i can swap with 7 more people. :slight_smile:

I’ll send pm :santa:

Hello @clubpostcards I would like to have this card.

i can still swap with 5 more people.

Would you like to swap with me? :hugs:


sure, we can swap :slight_smile:

i can still swap with 4 more people.

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I would like to swap with you! W/s please :slight_smile:


yes, let’s swap :slight_smile:

i can still swap with 3 more people.

@clubpostcards I am interested! :christmas_tree:


message sent :slight_smile:

i can still swap with 2 more people.

:mailbox_with_mail: Your Moomin card with New Year greetings arrived today happily :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Mine reached you yesterday, so we may assume the mail between our countries takes the same time, as our Post doesn’t deliver on Tuesdays (and Fridays).

Thank you so much for this opportunity. You also chose me the most lovely stamps, a Moomin one and a song bird (for The International Letter-writing Week), they are so pretty and the hand made postmark is excellent. Thank you @clubpostcards .

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