[CLOSED] Nisan Website - Need help for shipping

Hello, I’d like to order some cards on Nisan website. However they are not able to ship to Italy at the moment.

Are there any postcrossers in Europe who can help me? Maybe we can do an order together and ship it to an European country different from Italy, and after he/she will send my cards to Italy (obviously I will pay the costs to Italy).
Thank you

I have the same problem with that website :confused:

I also have the same problem. Too bad they don’t deliver to Finland. :slightly_frowning_face:

My story with my order from Nisan is lengthy… I’m in Ireland and they do not deliver to here either. However, in Ireland we luckily have something called AddressPal, run by our national post. Using address pal I can order to an address in the UK or the USA and the package will then be delivered to my address in Ireland.

I did this just recently to see how it will work out. My order was processed by Nisan on the 29th October, I got a tracking number. It reached the UK on the 6th November and was delivered to the UK address on the 9th November.
It was then forwarded to my Irish address and it is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

So delivery took about 2 weeks which is not bad at all.

But it cost me some extras:

€6.50 for AddressPal
€7.31 for An Post for VAT and fees. So cost me and extra 13.81.

So all in all that adds an extra 0.25 cents to the price of each card received.

Would you think that its worth it? I am not too sure, and probably will really wait next time until normal postal services resume, but I am still happy to have had this option…


Package just has been delivered!


Well, it is expensive, but I think AddressPal is a great idea! The problem is there is no idea how they will start to ship again to all countries…

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They are now sending to Finland. I got my cards through Finland.


I think its a good idea to buddy up with someone to help you get around this shipping problem. The only thing is that the Netherlands seems to be on the list of countries they deliver to. And yet… i made an order on Nov 10th which was shipped out by Nisan from Taiwan and delivered to Dutch customs on Nov 19th. The package has not moved from there for the last 5 weeks. Seems to be lost in space and no one can help me with the tracking number that was provided.

So I would not try to ship via the Netherlands if i were you. It will likely just get lost. Otherwise i would’ve gladly helped!

Thank you @cremebrulee
I made the order with a postcrosser in Germany, it arrived very soon there, and she sent my cards to Italy :slight_smile:
I’m sorry for your problems with the customs :frowning:

I have the exact same problem. :disappointed_relieved:

Oh so happy this is solved!!! Great then!

Ya, it sucks! I don’t know why it takes so long. And just like that I decided to check the Track and Trace again. And what do you know… today the package was released from customs and will arrive tomorrow after 5 weeks of inspection. So don’t lose hope!