Closed-NA Sticker Traveling Card Groups

Hello sticker lovers! Welcome to the NA Traveling Sticker Card RR! (TSC RR)!

I’ve started this RR type group based off of the post from @LaurenceB :smiley:
All are welcome to join!

What are Traveling Sticker Cards?
A Traveling Sticker Card is decorated with stickers of a certain theme by different participants. The card travels from one person to the next. When all the spaces are decorated, the card is mailed back to its original owner.
They are usually purchased on Etsy or you can create your own.


  • Please post on this Thread when you send and receive a card so that we can keep track of where it is.
  • If you are the owner, please write your group number, theme and mailing address on the back of the card.
  • Please send the card to the next person in an envelope.

Regular Groups ( ___ cards, ___ members)

  • Everyone has their own sticker card! Join a group based on the number of spaces you have on your card. Most sticker cards have 5-12 spaces.
    All cards will be traveling at the same time. At the end, everyone will get their own card back!
Ex: Group A (4 Spaces)
1 . @username (theme: green)
2. ...
3. ...
4 . @username (theme: clouds)

Contribution Groups (1 card, ___members)

  • Owner picks a theme. Groups will consist of ___ members (depending on # of spaces on the card). Each group member contributes by decorating a space and then sending it to the next person. The last person will mail it back to the original owner.



:red_circle: Contribution Groups- decorate someone else’s card with stickers and send it to the next person

:blue_square: Regular Groups- Everyone owns a card, decorates it and sends it to the next person.


Group 1S Contribution - Things that start with the letter M

  1. Owner: @LaurenceB
  2. @ayellowdaffodil
  3. @sleepyhippo1
  4. @uconn
  5. @StephofYorktown

Group 2S Regular: 6 Cards with 6 Themes

  1. @LaurenceB (Things that start with the letter M)

Group 3S Regular: 10 Cards with 10 Themes

  1. @Tee_Q (Theme: My Favorite Things)
  2. @LaurenceB (Things that start with the letter M)

Washi Tape

Create a ‘washi tape traveling card’ by dividing a blank postcard/cardstock into 4-6 spaces/blocks. Members will add swatches of washi tape to match each chosen theme! It works just like a sticker traveling card!

Group 1W - Decorate each space with washi tape!

  1. @LaurenceB (any theme)
  2. @Tee_Q (any theme)
  3. @ayellowdaffodil (pink or floral theme)
  4. @maami (any theme)
  5. @Cera1985

Reserved for host 2*

Reserved for host 3

Reserved for host 4

I currently don’t own any cards to start a group but If anyone has sticker traveling cards and would like to start a group, let me know!

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I can start one group!
I will make my own card with 6 spots - Theme: Things that start with the letter M!

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Thank you for inviting, @ayellowdaffodil.
Unfortunately, I have to sit out this round. I’ve done too much with the German Christmas elf envelopes. :roll_eyes::dizzy_face: I’m already behind there with packing and sending. I still have 3 of my own topics, that I have to look after. I can’t make it this time. But if you should start another round in in beginning of the next year, then write to me again and I’ll be happy to take part. Many Thanks :+1::heart_eyes:


Of course :slight_smile: this will be open so feel free to join whenever you can!

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Are newbies welcome? I’ve just recently begun my Postcrossing journey but have immensely enjoyed it thus far and this seems like a lot of fun! I don’t have any sticker cards but I do have plenty of stickers!


Yes of course @notanEcho! Anyone can join!
You can also make your own sticker traveling card on a blank postcard or card stock if you’d like :blush:

@ayellowdaffodil , my card with the letter M could be the theme for my card only, and be part of a group with everyone who has a different theme :wink:

I’ll join the washi tape group as well :smiley:

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@LaurenceB I will add you to the groups! Is there a theme you wanted for the Washi group?

I’ve got a card with 10 spots (first picture) and could do a theme of My Favorite Things.

How does the washi tape card work? Is it a regular card where you just add little swatches of washi or a special washi tape card?

Would you want to start a group where 10 different people contribute to your card (one after another) or a regular group like an RR where there are 10 cards traveling (hopefully we can get that many people!) ?

The washi group works just like the sticker groups! Just adding swatches of washi pertaining to a theme (or no theme if you’d prefer)

A regular group like a RR sounds good! And I have lots of washi tape so would like to join that group as well.

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Any theme works! It could be your favorite tapes or something like that :grin:


Ok perfect- got you down! Thank you for joining!

Is there a theme you’d want for the washi tape group?

Any theme works for me too!

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Hello, I would like to join the last spot of group 1w ( washi tape). No theme, please.
I will send my address later.

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