(CLOSED) More Eager Canadian Students Seek Postcards!

Hello again everyone! This is Claudia. If you’ve been here for a little while you may remember that I did a Postcrossing project from October-May 2022 in my grade 4 classroom in Alberta, Canada. We collected 185 cards from 30 countries and our whole school community was amazed by the success of our project.

Well, it’s a new school year and I have a new group of wonderful grade 4s! Another grade 4 teacher is joining me this year and we are planning to hang the postcards in the hallway for everyone in the school to view!

I would love to receive cards from anyone, anywhere! Tell us about you, your life, and your world. If you’d like students to reply, please send me your address. Help me broaden the horizons of my rural students! :slight_smile:

Thank you and Happy World Postcard Day! The address is below.

Claudia Klippenstein

Grade 4 Teachers
Ardrossan Elementary School
53131 Range Road 222
Ardrossan, AB T8E 2M8


I love Canada and I love school projects. Be sure to find some mail from me soon.

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Greetings, Claudia! I missed your project last year, but count me in for this year! I’ll be sending a couple of cards from Upstate New York USA!

:turtle: TurtlePoint

I’ll be sending one from Tennessee in the US. :blush:

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Absolutely…love participating in school projects! jeannor

Happy to send a card from Ohio!

I am in!

I’m sending two from Iran. Can all students read the writing on the back of the card?

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I will send from the UK :uk:

Yes, I read all the cards out loud to everyone!


Hello! I can send a card about The Little Prince.

What a great project, I am sending one from South Australia (where we also have a town named Ardrossan!).

Will be sending one from Hong Kong

I will send from Christchurch, New Zealand

I’ve sent you a postcard
Good luck with this project

Hi, great thing to do, I sending you one from the Netherlands.

I like this project! I’m sending a postcard from Italy!

What a fantastic idea. A card from the beautiful island of Tasmania will be heading your way :postbox: :australia:

I’m in, too. :slight_smile:

Happy to send one again.

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