Closed -Looking for someone who lives in Scotland .. can you help me

Hi I’m looking for someone who lives in Scotland . I recently bought the new lou paper Scotland card and I need someone from Scotland to send it back to me . I will send it in an envelope to you and all I need you to do is fill it out and drop it in your mailbox . As a thank you I will give you a blank Scotland card for your collection along with other cards to cover postage . Thank you !

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Hello! I’m visiting Edinburgh at the end of September, if you don’t find anyone before then?

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Oh that would be great if you could do this for me . Can you pm me your address and let me know if you want US money …extra postcards or unused us stamps to cover the cost of a stamp from Scotland . Thanks !!!

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Anyone ?

I am not in Scotland (well overdue a visit though), but down in London, I would be happy to send your stamped postcards to the Sorting Office up in Edinburgh who will postmark you cards out with an Edinburgh or Glasgow postmark and then send them on to you, if you would like,

just an idea.

Thank you I’ll pm you !

Sure, I’d be happy to help! I’ve just replied to your PM :mailbox:

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Thank you!


I did get someone but thank you for the offer

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