[CLOSED] Looking for New Zealand participant in Year of Dragon 2024 stamped postcard RR group

I am here again. Found a Australia rep earlier but now looking for a New Zealand rep for this fun RR group. Please read the post in the link and if you are in NZ and interested, please post here or pm directly. Thanks again.


Hi there. I am interested. What are the requirements please. I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I was travelling all day. Sorry I could reply early.
You can read the details in the first post of the link that I have given.

A short summary:
Every year, usually there will be 18-20 participating countries.
Let say, there are 18 participating countries for Year of Dragon.
You will purchase dragon themed postcards if possible or nice NZ postcards if not possible, then mail them to 17 other members using NZ Year of Dragon 2024 stamp/s and if possible get special dragon cancellation if available. I as admin will send out all the addresses to all members by October 20 as the first country will Japan with Year of Dragon stamp 2024 going on sale on Nov 1, 2023. There is no need to send photo proof unless you want as members trust each other.

Anyway, let me overdo by reposting the first post here… hahaha
October 2 Update:
Looking for participant who can send from New Zealand and from Macao. Please post here or pm me directly.

Note: This is not your typical RR group. This is an annual postcard exchange group has been running for the past 12 consecutive years.

As per tradition in this group, priority is given first to group members who participated in the previous year - Year of Rabbit 2023.

After October 15, 2023, it will be open to others to join if there are no representative for that country. Currently Australia is open already.

There will be only 1 member to represent for each country that issues Year of Dragon 2024 stamp. You do not have to reside in that country if you can travel or arrange mailing for that country.

Each member will send a postcard using the Year of Dragon 2024 stamp/s to all members of the group.

Typically a member has to send about 20 or so participating countries and will receive a similar number of postcards in return.

Preferably, use a Year of Dragon official post office postcard or if not available, a self-designed postcard or dragon themed postcard or any nice postcard of the country.

Whenever possible, mail out the postcard on the date of issue in order to get the special post office Year of Dragon 2024 pictorial cancellation if it is available in the country you are representing and if you are able to arrange it.

Please post and update the expected date of stamp issue of the country that you are representing, and when you expect or have mailed out all your postcards.

Later on, update here whenever you have received any postcards to inform other members.

Additional note: There will only be a single group and no second group will be formed here even if more than 1 persons is interested to represent the same country. But do feel free to create your own different RR Group or make private swap arrangement with group members if you do not want to miss out. Do not post here but pm separately.

This is a reliable friendly group and members will not be up in arms if one or two postcards sent are lost or damaged due to mailing delivery.

Countries/members participating. Last update: October 2, 2023

:dragon_face: :hong_kong: **Hong Kong - @hazelyc - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :malaysia: Malaysia - @SLLiew - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :united_nations: United Nations NYC - @orihalcon - CONFIRMED - new member, new location. Welcome! :dragon:

:dragon_face: :jp: Japan - @magenta0810 - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :us: USA - @byobu - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :uk: UK - @seaview - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :netherlands: Netherlands - @cremebrulee - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :australia: Australia - @IndigoAngel - CONFIRMED - was a member of this group representing Australia a few years ago :dragon:

:dragon_face: :cn: China - @MaxxieW - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :liechtenstein: Liechtenstein - @fiden - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :thailand: Thailand - @PuiDuii - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :fr: France - @sunsky - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :vietnam: Vietnam - @VuongPhan - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:dragon_face: :taiwan: Taiwan - @yeh - CONFIRMED :dragon:

:singapore: Singapore - @TaiYang - (await confirmation)

:kr: South Korea - @leedoni - (await confirmation)

:poland: Poland - @kover - (await confirmation)

:philippines: Philippines - @Maydayeve - (await confirmation)

OPEN to new participants:

:eyes: :macau: Macao - OPEN to anyone. @PhoebeWai are you interested to represent Macau again?
(Note: Zhang Baoxing (Facebook) is not participating this year)

:eyes: :new_zealand: New Zealand - replaced with new member**
(Note @MariceNZ is not participating this year)

:eyes: In addition, open to any other countries that will also issue Year of Dragon 2024 stamp.
:smiling_face_with_tear: :estonia: **Estonia - not issuing Year of Dragon 2024
(Note: @-C- is not participating this year)

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NZ representative found. Thanks everyone. Post is closed.