【Closed】Looking For Illustration Australia Map Postcard (swap within Australia)

Hello, everyone! My name is Jerry, currently studying in Sydney and I am fond of collecting illustration Australia map postcards, it is sad that I don’t find any here… Maybe someone has such kind of postcard for swap? :smiley:

I think receiving it in official Postcrossing needs much luck and present international postage is not cute, so I would like to try this friendly forum before leaving AU!

My wishlist (but I believe there are many others I don’t know, feel free to show me :smiling_face:):

Thank you for your reading! Merry Christmas in advance :heart:

In return, I have this map postcard of my university:

and these illustration map postcards:

Zodiac sign illustration postcards:

Sydney PC meetup postcards:

Photography tourist postcards:

Illustration tourist postcards:

Erotic postcard:

Animal postcards:


I can even send my mail with either of these special pictorial postmarks from Sydney (I may find more later):

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I’m pretty sure I have a few of this card from your list at home…

I’ll look for them when I’m back there (shortly), and let you know asap.

I’d love one of the UNSW Kensington Campus postcards if you’re happy to swap (my old uni :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)!


ETA: I have a couple of other Aussie map cards too. I’ll find them and show you those as well.

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Thanks a lot, dear Sam :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:You can have the mapcard of course! Looking forward to your news :raised_hands:t2:

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These are the three map cards that I have.

I will note that the card at top left, while beautiful, is of a considerably thinner cardstock than the other two. I’d be wanting to send it in an envelope if you chose that one. I think it would be damaged otherwise.

Let me know if you’d like one of these.


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PM sent:)

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PM sent.

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Update my offer :grinning:

Australia Vs Europe Map Postcard - G17 Banksia Images

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PM sent:)