CLOSED: Looking for an Australian rep for Year of Dragon 2024 postcard in RR group

In this group, members from each country sent out a postcard using Year of Dragon 2024 stamp to each other. Usually 18-22 countries participate.

We lost our Australian member. Looking for someone willing to participate.

You can view this link or pm directly for more information. Thanks mates.

So far I’m not sure if Auspost has teased their Year of the Dragon releases, I haven’t seen anything online about our stamp/card release but I hope you find someone! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

This group has been ongoing for the 12th year now - I took over admin role a few years ago.

We started this group early this year because Japan will be the first country to issue the Year of Dragon stamp very early on November 1, 2023 and only on that day, the sender from Japan can get the special first day issue pictorial cancellation on the stamp. Most countries will only announce later and issue around Jan-Feb 2024.

Australia Post has been issueing prepaid Year of Lunar animal postcard. The previous member has even added a Christmas Island Lunar animal stamp and get China Town cancellation. This is optional if the new Australian rep cannot get this.

Unfortunately, last year, all the Year of Rabbit postcards sent from Australia were lost.

Here is the Year of Tiger postcard that I had received previously.

That’s completely fair! Starting as early as possible also makes sure you have time to find people :slight_smile: I’ve heard that we generally do issue year of the animal cards so I’m excited to see them next year. What a shame that all of them were lost! :frowning:

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i used to be a part of this group and silly me gave up my spot a few years ago :woman_facepalming: - have really missed it …
sooo i’ve joined for the dragon year



Great. Welcome back. This post is closed. Thanks admin/s,