[CLOSED] How to: Buying stamps in Amsterdam on a Sunday (and buying online from overseas)

EDIT including all people’s help:

Thank you everyone that replied to this post to help. I’m happy to see that most postcard shops in Amsterdam still sell stamps.
I travelled to quite some turistic places in Europe over the years and I was suprised on how many small kiosk-touristic shops that sell postcard did not have any stamps. To the point that it was easier to just find a post office… Mission impossible on a Sunday.

For my short trip, I think I will try and buy the postcards + stamps once I’m there unless Corona situation changes.
According to various people from this post, touristic shops still have stamps.
According to @Cassisia the supermarket Albert Heijn also sells stamps and it is open on Sunday.
I can check where are stamps being sold thanks to @nekelin
If the corona situation changes and shops have limited open hours or are even closed down, I’ll try and buy stamps online with the phone number for PostNL Club that @anon7793644 has provided
And, also mentioned by @Speicher3 apparently I have a stop to make at Art Unlimited… or not if I apreciate my wallet. :sweat_smile:
And, answering @cremebrulee, I heard about Decemberzegels on the “mail info” post from PC, but it is true that it is more expensive for international mailing.

Original post:
Ok, I’ll try and make this quick.
I’m flying home from Norway for Christmas and I have a long layover in :netherlands: Amsterdam (28h) so… I have like a full day to go visit the city, specially with the airport being relatively close.
And, of course, I wanted to send some postcards remembering my first time in the Netherlands as well as one crazy layover plan.
But I’m arriving on a Sunday. Way to go, me. :woman_facepalming:

I tried to order stamps from the Post-NL website and it seems fine until I try and put my adress which… does not work because it is not a NL adress.
It is silly but I don’t see a way to order for international shipping. Does somebody know if that is even possible? I know that other post websites allow you to buy stamps and ship them to another country.
Thank you!


Hello from the Netherlands !

I tried to find an answer to your question on the PostNL website, but with no result.
There is a PostNL Collect Club though and I think they send worldwide. They can only be reached by phone on workdays… (I think you can order online as well). I’ll send you their phone number in a PM (they have an “English” option).

But… most shops which sell postcards also sell stamps ! (we have no post offices)
And being in Amsterdam… opening hours should be no problem (unless corona lockdown should return).

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Hopefully this works…

If it works you will see the places that sell stamps in Amsterdam.

Most likely you will have to buy a sheet of 5 or 6 stamps.

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If you go to Amsterdam, do not -I repeat- do not go to Art Unlimited shop in Keizersgracht 510. It’s a financial meltdown!



Their webshop is already the ruin of me… :see_no_evil::rofl:

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Ah, you already know what I’m talking about… then it’s too late anyway :smiley:

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I did go there and nearly had to take out a loan for my postcard shopping… :laughing: They have cards on every theme there.

And @lhyz, it should be no problem to get stamps because nearly all the tourist shops sell them, also supermarkets like Albert Heijn (which are open on Sunday).

P.S.: I should add that you’ll probably only get the standard “sticker” stamps, not the pretty ones from the Post NL website. :wink:



Hello! I agree with @anon7793644. Amsterdam is a big city and all the store will definitely be open on a Sunday. If you can’t get stamps at the place where you’ll be buying postcards (likely a tourist shop), then you can get them at the service counter of grocery stores (Jumbo, Albert Heijn) where they sell cigarettes and lottery tickets or at a paper/book store (Primera, Bruna and Ako). There are even Ako’s at most train stations.

And as you will be visiting in December, you’ll even be able to buy the special Decemberzegels (December stamps, special editions made yearly). Usually these are for Xmas cards within the Netherlands, but you can put 2 Decemberzegels for international postage! The only downside is that you’ll be paying more for postage because 1 international stamp is 1.55€ whereas 2 decemberzegels are 1.82€.

International stamps are sold in packs of 5 and decemberzegels in packs of 20 (which makes for 10 postcards when using 2 per card).



Sorry the links are all in Dutch but hopefully you can put it in Google Translate.


Thank you all for your asnwers. You were very helpful and I’m looking forward to visit Amsterdam in December.
I will update on the first post and close the topic.
Thank you again, I’m overwhelmed by all the help.

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