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Greetings Postcrossers:

I just started postcrossing and love it. A friend that homeschools her little girls asked if anyone would be willing to send postcards to them as a school lesson. We are in eastern Pennsylvania in the USA. The girls are Adelina aged 7 and Luna aged 5. PM me for their address.

Many big thanks if you are willing as I know this is a cost especially for global stamps. The girls would love even just US postcards. Their mom will make lessons around mailing and the postal system as well as the geographic region from cards received. I would certainly be willing to send “thank you” postcards back to you for the support. :smiley:

Happy Sunday!
Karen @Cerimoon


PM sent.

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PM sent

PM sent!

Hi, I can send them a card!

I can send a card no prob

PM Sent

I can send from NZ

Hello, I put this post in the Education section, as that is the place where requests for school/educational purposes are normally posted :slightly_smiling_face:

PM sent.

Sending pm

I can send from Hong Kong.