(Closed) Free WPD card to US & Canada

I decided to order a few Chris Arndt cards for WPD and participate in this event for the 1st time! But instead of drawing an official address I have decided to offer them here. I have 9 cards to send, no swap needed…just want them to go to someone in the US or Canada who will be happy to receive. And I’ll mail on the 1st in hopes they get the proper postmark!


Just to put it in perspective, there were about 100 comments on that thread, at least 30+ were positive or neutral about WPD & remember there are 47,503 members in the Forum plus those members outside the Forum (800,000+).

I don’t think you have to worry about people not wanting to receive the cards - there will be a few profiles that might say that, but the majority of them will likely welcome the cards.


its ok, I will send the few I have this way and make sure they go to members who will be happy to receive. A win/win with no risk of disappointment


I am not from USA or Canada but I would love to receive this wonderful card. I would like to send you a card back, so we can swap!!! :grinning:

I hope it is possible that you send me this card!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please let me know!!!

I would certainly participate - I would like one, and noted this is only the 3rd time doing this? I am printing my card should be here this week and can send you one too…

life would be boring if we all liked the same thing! a thread about not enjoying wpd is going to attract people to comment about not enjoying wpd.

i think the vast majority of postcrossers would enjoy a wpd card, especially as the thread doesnt accurately capture the postcrossers not active on the forum either. i have also seen a handful profiles which explicitly ask for them too!


It’s my first time participating and I would be happy to receive a WPD card :nerd_face:

Hi its really sad that people are looking at WPD like this. What you are doing is amazing. I am not from USA or Canada, but from India. I would really love it if you could send one my way. Even if its not possible not a problem. I hope you get a lot of good WPD cards from the 1st oct :grin:

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It’s all good. I got them to help celebrate Postcrossing and these will go to people who want them…it’s just better to do it this way

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I’d love one! Let me know if I’m a lucky winner (looks like you got more than 9!). Keep spreading the fun!

Very nice card. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Sriniketh2897 i can send you a world postcard from germany, if you like.

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So fun of you to offer a WPD on WPD​:love_letter::slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much @Izzy2018 :sunflower:

Will PM you‼️

I’m actively sending WPD cards. I’d love one of yours if you have any left. Sending PM :grinning:

Thanks to everyone, I am so glad to have found good homes for these. Interestingly almost all are headed north to Canada!

@sonnenenblume70 pm sent

Have these cards arrived yet? My officials are traveling very slowly so I’m a bit puzzled about mail service…