# CLOSED FOR NOW # Elementary School Project (10-11 yr-olds) ESL

Hello Fellow Postcrossers!
My name is Midori Wilson and I am an assistant English teacher at a local Japanese elementary school. My 5th graders are just going to start learning about how to introduce our culture and traditions in English, and I thought exchanging postcards with children from different cultures would be a fun way to wrap up the lesson!

I have two classes; 30 kids in each class. They are 10-11 years old, with limited English skills, but they are very enthusiastic about learning and are very artistic, so I am thinking about having them draw pictures on the postcards to send out to their new “friends” to write to. I would like for us to send them out sometime in January 2024, and since our school year ends in March, would like to receive the postcards from you by, at the latest, mid-March.

This is the project I have in mind right now, so I’m pretty flexible. If interested, please DM me so we can discuss further on this exciting project!

Thank you in advance.


I am very interested in this project and I can send postcards this month, please feel free to contact me!

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I would love to exchange postcards! I am an illustrator who draws for magazines and newspapers. I love kids and I used to be in ESL too. Message me your address and I will write you mine~

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I’d love to send postcards from Germany to your school project. Let me know through a message where to send and also if your have any specific wishes do share, I’d be happy to support the project.

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Thank you to all who left me messages and sent me direct messages. I really appreciated all. Thankfully we have found a school to do this project with for now. I may post another project in the near future (most likely in April - June), so if you’re interested, please watch for my post, or you could even send me direct messages.

Thank you again, and happy postcrossing everyone!