[CLOSED] Elementary Classroom Project: Postcards from Around the World!

Hello! My name is Marissa Berry, and I’m a 4th grade teacher. We are trying to collect postcards from all over the world (and the 50 states!). I have noticed other teachers having success with this, so I thought I would reach out to you all! We would love to have you send a postcard from your country or state. My students would be happy to send you one back if you’d like. Send a postcard with facts about your country (or whatever you would like to share with us!)

I have a large map for us to plot exactly where our postcards come from, and space to display all of the postcards we receive. We are also going to go on a Google Earth virtual tour of where you are from, in addition to learning more about your country in class together!

Here is our school address:

address removed by moderator, because the TO wasn’t online for nearly 1 year

School starts the first week of September, but feel free to start sending them throughout the summer and through the year! We cannot wait to get started with this project and to receive a postcard from you!

Thank you so much!!!


I’ll send you one from California

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I would love to help out and I will send some postcards your way.

I am more than willing to support education. And I have found that children love to receive mail even more so than us adults.

Please send me your address, as I tried to send you a PM and you have to send a card prior to receiving them.

Thank you and I look forward to supporting your project!

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From Oregon! Will send this week.

I will happily send one from North Carolina! :+1::us:

Hello, will send one from Florida

Will send one from Sri Lanka

One coming from the GREAT state of Texas :cowboy_hat_face:

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She already wrote the address in the first post.

@mberry8901 I will send one from Indonesia

I will send one card from an island in the North Sea (Germany)

Best regards

@mabie - I’ll send one from southern Germany :hugs:

Card on its way from Minnesota!

Awesome! I’ll send you one from the Netherlands :slight_smile:

A card coming from the North of Finland.

I’ll send a card from China :smiley:

Spain here!

I’ll send a card from Germany, too!

Sending you the card from Belarus!

One coming from the state of West Virginia