Hello everyone…several summers ago I bought a bulk variety lot of Christmas postcards including this bear on Ebay and almost all of them are still here. They are vintage (as most holiday cards probably are) and a bit thin, but the designs are nice and they are clean. I am happy to share them and can send 9 cards of mixed designs together in an envelope to North American members (9 + envelope will travel for 1ounce stamp rate).

PM me with your address, nothing needed in return. Be sure to order your USPS holiday stamps early and mail early…sounds like our mail will be very slow this holiday season :frowning:


Sending PM.

PM sent.

Thank you for the giveaway. :blush:

Thank you!
I will send a PM.

Sent a PM!

Sent pm

Thank you so much! Will send PM.

Sending a PM! Thank you so much!

I can send 2oz for $.78 in the US so I’ll add more cards to the envelopes as they are a bit thin. Will get these out this weekend. Thanks for helping me clear out some boxes!

Sent a PM!

Thanks to all, will get these packets to the post office today!