[closed] days travelled now need to click?

Hi there, I’m used to seeing days travelling listed as a number when I look at my travelling postcards, but now I see a little arrow button that has to be clicked to show the number of days travelling for each postcard. Sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere, but wondering if this is a new permanent feature or if there’s a way I can get it back to what it was.

Now it looks more like a little arrow thing has to be clicked to see days travelled. I didn’t screen shot the number of days next to the word traveled so as not to disturb the privacy of the person’s username.

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 1.58.33 PM

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Is that clicking traveling postcards on your home page? There is a display hide button. Did you hide the days?

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You need to click on the show/hide colums, so it will fit in you browser

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@BeeJoyful this arrow button appears when a column doesn’t fit on the screen anymore. Maybe one of your postcards goes to someone with a long username.

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That’s because one of the user that you are going to send card to has a very long user name. It doesn’t fit the screen. Traveling days column is hid automatically.


Thanks everyone for the helpful info! I was showing too many items so it didn’t show the days travelled anymore. I ended up hiding the users so then I can see days travelled again.

Thanks again! :two_hearts:

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