[CLOSED] Chrisbonham11's 10th Postcrossing Birthday British Isles Lottery #1

Hello British Isles Forum Folks!

21 September 2024 is my 10th Postcrossing birthday! On 21 September 2014, I signed up to Postcrossing. I don’t know now how I found out about the project, alas. What I do know is that I’ve had ten grand years as a Postcrosser, and I’m looking forward to the next ten years! The last three years, during which time I’ve interacted with so many of you British Isles folks in this lovely corner of the Internet, have been especially fun.

I have decided to mark my 10th Postcrossing birthday, and share the celebrations, by hosting a monthly Birthday British Isles Lottery each month this year. Each month I will pick out ten unused postcards on a particular theme from my stash. The draw will take place with the assistance of Postbot on the 21st of each month.

The theme for January’s Birthday British Isles Lottery is: Not My Country

It’s the time of year when many of us are dreaming of far away, perhaps warmer, sunnier places! Take yourself across the world with this stash of ten postcards!

Photo of the postcards up for grabs:

Participation Criteria / Instructions

  • This lottery is only open to Postcrossers living in the British Isles, i.e. the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands :uk: :ireland: :isle_of_man: :guernsey: :jersey:. This is to help me minimise postage and customs charges over the course of this year.
  • Post with your number in the thread below, sequentially from the previous Postcrosser to have posted. Participating Postcrossers and their numbers are as follows:
  1. @jobloggs
  2. @EmmaG
  3. @Maddymail
  4. @tesc
  5. @RyanR
  6. @claireandivy
  7. @MartynHst43277
  8. @Ali_caj
  • Entries for the lottery will close at 23:59 GMT, Saturday 20 January 2024. Entries submitted after this time will be excluded.
  • The draw will take place with the aid of Postbot at 10:00 GMT, Sunday 21 January 2024.
  • I will send a private message to the winner after the draw to request their postal address, unless I already have it from another Forum activity.
  • I will then post the prize stash of postcards to the winner via first class post for the UK / via relevant standard postage rate for the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, or Channel Islands.

Good luck! Thank you for celebrating my 10th Postcrossing birthday with me this year! :postcrossing:


Thanks so much for this incredibly generous offer @Chrisbonham11- count me in please! And congrats on your 10 years! :partying_face:

#1 @jobloggs



That’s incredibly generous of you! Thank you :blush:
Happy (almost) 10 Year PostCrossing a Versary x


#3 @Maddymail
I guess you have got to be in it to win it!

Thank you for the awesome anniversary lottery! :birthday:

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Happy 10th anniversary
It is a very special corner thats been created you are correct
#4 @tesc

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Wow! 10 years! congrats! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Thank you for the great lottery.

(for any outsiders, I am a UK resident) - Please ignore the flag, thank you.

Edit #5 @RyanR

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Is that you signing up for #5, @RyanR ?

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Yes sorry, I thought I was missing something, thank you.

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#6 @chrisbonham11

Happy 10th Postcrossing anniversary Chris! Thanks for the lottery, very exciting :partying_face:

Tomorrow will be my 14th Postcrossing anniversary, wow time flies!


14! Wow! Congratulations :partying_face: x


#7 congratulations Chris !!!

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Congratulations on the anniversary this year, what a decade!
Thank you for the celebratory lottery too :grin:

#8 @Ali_caj

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Thank you to the eight of you who have entered this month’s Birthday British Isles Lottery!

Entries for Lottery #1 have now closed.

I’ll be making the draw at 10:00 GMT this morning.

Good luck!


@postbot roll 1d8

:game_die: 6

Postbot has rolled 6, which means congratulations to @claireandivy for winning the January Birthday British Isles Lottery! :confetti_ball:

Your prize pack of postcards will be making its way to you shortly.

Thank you to all who entered the January lottery! Keep your eyes peeled for the February Birthday British Isles Lottery! :postcrossing:


Congratulations :partying_face: @claireandivy & thank you @chrisbonham11 x


Yes congrats @claireandivy and looking forward to the next one already @chrisbonham11 :hugs:


Oh that’s fantastic @chrisbonham11, thank you so much! :smiley: :partying_face:


This is very clever, didn’t know you could do this!

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