[CLOSED] Are posts that are not written in English meant for non English speakers only?

Hi there, I sometimes notice on the forum there are lotteries or topics that are written in other languages. I generally avoid these since I don’t know what it’s about, but I was wondering what others think. It’s easy to use google translate to figure out what the topic is about, but I guess if it’s not written in English it is meant for non English speakers only to participate?

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The #communities are intended for users who speak the respective language - not for users who use translation programmes.
Most of the users of these communities also live in the respective country - that’s why the are called Language and Geographical Communities.

In the international area there are many topics, RRs, lotteries, etc., so that everyone can find something suitable outside the communities for themselves or in their own community.


Generally yes, Postcrossing has specific language groups & geographic sections for Postcrossers to chat/swap in their own languages separate from the larger Forum & main Postcrossing site in which English is the official language.

If you aren’t a speaker of that language or live in that region, you can read via Google translate as an observer & some sections have a thread for questions from English speakers, but otherwise the expectation is you can easily participate in that language or live in that region.


If you like to use Latest and / or New pages to get an overview you may consider muting those categories. It helps to unclutter those pages a lot! I’ve muted all #communities + #meetups that are not for my area.