[CLOSED] 63rd Bristol Scouts Postcard Exchange

Hello everyone!

I am a scout leader volunteering at a scout troop for ~30 young people aged 10-13. The scouts are currently working towards completing their World Challenge badge, and I thought a postcard exchange could be the perfect next step in their progress. Here’s how it would work:

  1. Each scout would write their own postcard, and ask a few questions about your country, your culture, maybe about the scouting movement where you live.
  2. When you receive this postcard, you write a reply and share a bit about who you are, and the culture of your country.
  3. The scouts get to learn more about cultures around the world, you get to be a part of a fantastic project, everyone’s a winner!

Click the link below to see the main thread, if you are interested and pm me with your address. I will have to cap the number of participants at 40, and signups will close on the 29th of September. Thank you so much!

P.S. Obviously because these cards are going to be read by young children, please no nudity, bad language or anything else inappropriate.


EDIT: Thank you everyone who has signed up to participate in the postcard exchange. Sign-ups are now closed, as we have reached the maximum number of postcards we are able to send. The scouts will be sending out their cards in a few weeks time, and I will remind you all closer to the time.


This is a great idea, will participate! Way to go…

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