CLOSE! Postcards for Yr5 Students in Brunei

Sent PM - hope you’re still doing this. :smiley:

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Hi! Ukraine
Can I take part?

hello! unfortunately im not accepting more cards at the moment. im sorry!

If you are interested by a French card, I’m in !

Hello! I would like to apologise for my mistake. I didn’t realize that I haven’t mailed any of the kids’ replies. I was wondering why no one has messaged me that they got their postcards from the students. It turns out, I actually forgot to mail them. I must have forgotten to do it because I was occupied with writing reports and making presentations. I will make sure to mail them today.

On that note, about 95% of the cards sent has arrived. I will try my best to reply to the rest of the cards that I haven’t received. Thank you for your understanding!

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A separate topic. I sent you a pm regarding what PYN BSB stands for. Thanks. SL