Classroom Project (Receive a Postcard!)

Hi all!

My name is Avery, and I’m a middle school teacher (ages 12-14) in rural Alaska! I’m hoping to do a unit with my seventh grade social studies students starting in January where they learn about other places around the world. Since my personal passion is postcards, I was hoping to use Postcrossing to enhance their learning!

So here’s my request:

I’m looking for 24 people from 24 different countries to receive a card from one of my students. You need not do anything except comment on this thread with your town and country. If you are the first person to comment from your country, I will PM you for your address (if I don’t get enough unique countries then I will begin PMing repeats, so still comment if you’d like to participate even if someone else from your country has already commented!).

You do not need to send us anything in return — I just ask you PM me when you receive my student’s card.

Additionally, students will be designing their own cards, so make sure you’re okay with receiving a handmade card by a 12/13 year old :slight_smile:

And just a reminder that we won’t be sending the postcards until sometime in January.

Thank you in advance for participating and expanding my students’ knowledge of the world!


I would be happy to reply from Stockholm, Sweden.

I am really really interested!
I am French, is it okay for you?

Greetings from Mumbai, India! Happy to participate, and also happy to send a card or two back!

Belfast, Northern Ireland

I’d love a card!

Tartu, Estonia! Am I in?

I would like to participate, from Panduwasnuwara, Sri Lanka.

Russia, Cherepovets is here :blush:

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Hi Avery! This is Carmen, and I live in Madrid (Spain). I would love to get a card from your students :smiley:

Hello, I am Sylvia from near Leipzig, Germany

Love to join in, from The Netherlands!

Happy to take part, I am from Rovaniemi, Finland :finland:

Hello from Southern Ontario, Canada. Please count me in. As a retired educator this type of project is especially interesting and important to me.
Your students are very fortunate to have your creative approach to their learning!

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Hello from Yokohama, Japan!
I would love to receive a card from other side of USA I used to live in!
(which was tropical island Hawaii)

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I’m from Indonesia, will happy to receive one :grin:

I’m from China and I’d like to receive one. I always look forward to any postcards from anywhere. May I be a candidate? :wink:

I would be happy to participate from Ukraine, Kharkiv😊

I’m happy to participate if you need someone in Italy. The city is Modena.
(But I have to admit I’m not Italian, I’m Irish)

I would be happy to participate!
Friedberg (Hessen), Germany - the town where Elvis Presley was stationed as a soldier in the 1950s!


Italy :it::heart:I would be very happy to participate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: