Citizen science - help describe Michigan postcards

Just came across a new project on the citizen science site The Clements Library in Michigan, US, needs help categorizing, describing and transcribing old postcards. Thought that might be something for a few people on here to check out.

Loads of other projects available, too!


Neat! I’m going to take a crack at it.

I’m having fun with it. :slight_smile:


This was brought to my attention yesterday by a friend, and it’s really nice!

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I’ve become slightly obsessed with it and have now classified 1800 postcards in less than two months…!


Thank you for sharing this link! I found entirely too many interesting projects, including the Michigan postcard project. I may need to find a clone to go to work for me, while I stay home with the Zooniverse!


It really takes over your life!

I just came on to post about this same thing and was happy to see it was already posted. So fun - thank you!

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