Christmas stamp swap

Hello my fellow Aussies!

I’ve been collecting christmas stamps throughout the year and have far more than I’ll need for this season alone. I thought I’d offer them in here for swaps to help spread some christmas joy! A couple of things:

  • I’m happy to swap them for non christmas themed stamps in your collection, all I ask is that we swap for the same face value.
  • The only stamps I don’t want to swap for are other religious Christmas stamps - secular are more than welcome!
  • All the stamps I have are in mint condition, ready to be used for postage, I’d like the same for the stamps you offer. I don’t collect stamps, so any stamps we trade for will be used at some point!
  • There are a mixture of standard issue stamps, shiny/embossed/glossy stamps and minisheets in the drop down boxes below, I might be picky on some of the shiny ones are I have a limited number of them.
  • I have multiple sheets or individual stamps of some designs. So you could get them sent individual or cut from a larger sheet.



These are a shiny version of the stamp!


This is a shiny stamp design!

This is a shiny stamp design!


Standard issue of this design.

Shiny/embossed (rasied?) version of the above stamps.


Standard issue of this design.

Shiny versions of the above designs.


Standard issue of this design.

Hard to tell but the red parts are glossy in this version.

Shiny version of the dove above.





I’ll try by best to update the lists above as soon as swaps are arranged! If you have any questions or want a better picture just send a message :two_hearts:


Very nice collection


Hey! Thanks for wanting to swap ~ I’m only wanting to swap with other people in Australia though as it’s for stamps I can use to post with as well.

Hi! I got some Canadian mint stamps from 2023 and before. Would you like to swap?

Hey, thanks for wanting to swap! This is only open to other Australian people though as I’m after postage stamps in return that I can still use :smiley: