Christmas postcards - Spanish school

Hi all!

I am an English teacher in a Spanish school, I have a project with my 11-12 years old students and I would like to receive and send Christmas postcards in English to students around the world. They will be more than happy to answer any postcard we receive.

I would suggest to include some typical Christmas tradition from your country in order to learn from other cultures.

Please answer this Topic and I will give you our address.

Thanks a lot!


Hello and welcome to Postcrossing!

I don’t have students but would like to welcome you to this lovely and exuberant community. And suggest you add something about yourself in your Postcrossing profile. That makes it more fun for all the people who write you cards, and will help you feel more connected to them too.

Hei there,
I don’t have students either but would be willing to write a card to your class anyway. What do you think?

Hello, I have got students of the same age and we would like to send you Christmas cards. We would be happy to write about our traditions. :hugs:

Hello. I am happy to send a Christmas post card describing our family tradition here in Australia :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks a lot for your interest. I am sending you our address, please send me yours so that we can send you our postcards too.

Please give me some details about the age of your students so that we can send you a more personalized postcards.

Irantzu de Prado
c/ Arteta 4 (48903) Cruces, Barakaldo
Bizkaia - Spain

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Thanks a lot!

They will happy to receive news from so far! Send us your address too please!

This is ours:
Irantzu de Prado
c/ Arteta 4 (48903) Cruces, Barakaldo
Bizkaia - Spain

Hi, I taught ESOL students at the Middle school. I wished I had known about postcrossing. My students would have loved it!
I would love to received a postcard as well❤
My info

Private address removed by the Administrator. Please use the private email system to exchange personal addresses.

Is this your school address or your private address? If it’s your private address you should consider deleting it from this topic, as this is public and can be seen by anyone from all around the world.

Hi! No It is not my address, of course not! Thank you anyway

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I would love to send one to your students!

Hello to Spain,

I’m an english and geography teacher in the Czech Republic :czech_republic: and my students (11-15) would like to become a part of your project.
We can send you few typical Czech christmas postcards and write about some traditions we keep.
Have a nice day Alena

I would love to join, I live in Austria!

Hi :slight_smile: I’m a teacher of English and Spanish in a primary school in Bielsko-Biała, south of Poland. If you’d like to exchange a Christmas postcard with my students, let me know:
All the best!

I would like to help from USA. Sending u a private message with my address