Christmas Meetup Tilburg 27 november2021

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Tilburg, The Netherlands
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: ANVERS - Oude Markt 8-10 5038 TJ Tilburg
:calendar: DATE: 27 november 2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

the date has changed to 27th of november because of the new pressconference that will be on the 3th of december

The government revealed that from 6th November 2021 you need a Corona Access Pass when you visit a restaurant.
That means that you have to be vaccinated(corona access pass) .

hello dear postcrossers,

on 27th november frankie and me will organize an meetup in tilburg, the netherlands.
the meetup will be at restaurant ANVERS ( Oude Markt 8-10, 5038 TJ, Tilburg) we will meet each other in front of the restaurant untill we are complete.
the restaurant opens at 12:00AM and we can stay till 16:00PM.
we’ll lunch together ( pass on lunch immediately when registering, this at the request of restaurant )

and after lucnh we’ll write, stamp, and sticker the meetup cards and write in the meetup books.

if you come by train : from the station to the restaurant is about ± 10 minutes walking.
if you come by car you can park at :
parkeergarage schouwburg - louis bouwmeesterplein 2, 5038 TN (PAID PARKING)
parkeergarage koningsplein - piusstraat 1, 5038 WR (PAID PARKING)
parkeergarage emmapasage - paleisring 27, 5038 WD (PAID PARKING)

there is place for max 18 participants
1 rowena2403 40 cards of each (PAID)
2 frankie 30 cards of each (PAID)
3 charity 30 cards of each ( PAID)
4 helmamartens 25 cards of each (PAID)
5 deeske1974 60 cards of each
6 Veerle BE 20 cards of each (PAID)
7 nelly BE 5 cards of each (PAID)
8 soundstorm 30 cards of each(PAID)
9 nancyP 5 design1 - 10 design 2 (PAID)
10 Postcrossingbo 10 cards of each (PAID)
11 dunnies 7 cards of each (PAID)
12 leentjebuur 20 cards of each(PAID)
13 yirobison 10 cards each (PAID)
14 marcomarc
15 melelo 20 cards of each(PAID)
16 mir1990 30 cards of each(PAID)
17 florisca 10 cards of each (PAID)


Pareltje21 ( still want 20 cards each )

there are two designs meetup cards, 0,40 cents each .
when you give yourself up for this meetup please announce how much cards you want of each.
The cards you’ll get at the restaurant.

DESIGN 1 - santa on motor

DESIGN 2 - gnomes

The government revealed that from 6th November 2021 you need a Corona Access Pass when you visit a restaurant.
That means that you have to be vaccinated(corona access pass) And a facemask is required.

if you have any question please message me


Count me in please😊 30 of each cards

Hello, I want to collect postcards from meetings from all over the world, so I would like to receive a postcard from your meeting.
Here are the postcards that I can offer for exchange, I hope you like something.

due to the press conference in the Netherlands around covid 19,
it is not yet known whether this meeting can take place.
If he cannot go through, the meeting cards will not be printed.
That’s why the message says that we have to wait until after November 2 to swap cards when there is more clarity.

Hello! My offer for swap:


I would love to join please
Please 25 cards of each

count me in

This one is SUPER CUTE! :heart_eyes:
I wander if it is still available for swap.

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Please subscribe me and mama Nelly. We need to see how it’s going to be with corona because the numbers are increasing again… :cry: But if it’s possible we like to be there :slight_smile:

Count me in please and I’d like to have 30 cards of each. Thank you!
gr, Ellen

Hello count me in Please , i like to have 25 cards of each , please , thank you, gr. Susanne

15 cards from 1 design with motor bycicle , and 10 cards from 2 design = 25 cards please

Count me in please ovb. I would like to have 15 postcards of each design. Thank you

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Count me in… 10 Cards of each.


Please count me in… 20 cards of each. Greetz Leni

Please count me in.
30x of each design

Please count me in:30 cards of each please

Hello friends! December 11 will be my birthday and I will turn 19, I come from Italy, would anyone exchange it for a postcard?

I love to join ,20 postcards from each design.

I love to join to. For me 20 cards of each design please. This will be my first meetup.