Christmas meetup in genoa 18.12.2021

:world_map: CITY/REGION: genova, italy
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: genova principe railway station
:calendar: DATE: saturday 18.12.2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10-17
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: we will meet at the main entry of genova principe railway station, we will have a walk to the funicular zecca-righi to reach the higher side of the town and visit the sanctuary of madonnetta (free entry), built in the years 1695-1696, where there’s a large nativity scene of that period, open all year long, with wooden statues in beautiful dresses :smile:
then we will go downtown (by funicular or bus or on feet if the weather let us) and we will have lunch in the same place where we have been to september meetup: soulnote in via cesarea 95r :smile:
i booked for 10-15 people starting from h 13 and we will have all the time time to sign the meetup postcards, swap postcards or other things :smile:
this time that street will host the monthly antiques market :smile:

here you can read something about the sanctuary (only in italian):

here you can see some pictures from the nativity scene:

here you can see the place where we will have lunch:


come with pens, stamps, stickers, washitapes, glue and anything you usually use for writing and decorating your postcards :smile:
the meetup postcard is a creation by @Iside82 and it is almost a puzzle of italian stamps for christmas of the latest years :smile:
it will be shown in a few days :smile:
1000 postcards will be printed :smile:
we are willing to swap, just ask :smile:


I’ll be there! :smiley: Thanks!


Would love to swap the meet-up card.

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Purtroppo non potrò esserci con molto dispiacere, mi piacerebbe una cartolina con le firme dei partecipanti e se si possono acquistare anche altre cartoline fatemi sapere


Ciao, spero di esserci ma non sono sicura al 100%, ordinerei però una cinquantina di cartoline, grazie


farò un salto :slight_smile:


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Hello @mundoo
Really I did not alter the logo in any way : the white border is the one that is around one of the logo images in the kit. I just took the image from the kit and put it over the blue background, and I did not cancel the white frame so there could be a separation between the logo and the blue background so the logo could be well visible


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Yours doesn’t


Any update on the incorrect border usage of the Postcrossing logo?
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Hello @mundoo , I’m sending you a private message to show you the way I put the logo on the card

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Hi! Nice card! Is someone interested in swap? Here is my swap- album: на обмен – 481 Bilder | VK or I can offer meet- up card from St.Petersburg ( Russia)

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Hello @stefbot75 and everyone who was at this meeting.
Thank you very much for the postcard! :blush: :raised_hands:t2:
I am happy to receive it from you, from Italy! :star_struck:
I hope someday I will come to Italy and thank you. :hugs: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :it:


I will be happy to swap )

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