Christmas cards for Australia only

Is there anyone in Australia who would like to swap Christmas cards? I don’t get many cards from Australia at all and swapping overseas is much more expensive. I’m not fussy about the card you send so feel free to swap and let’s get a few more cards this Christmas.


I’d love to send you a Christmas card Paul! Do you mind if it’s a folded greeting card, or do you prefer a postcard?

PM sent.

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Will do. Will send a PM if that’s ok with you.

Hi, I’d love to exchange Christmas cards! Please send me a PM if you’d like to swap addresses :slight_smile:

Thanks. PM sent.

I’d be happy to send you a card. I’ll PM you.

Thanks so much.

i’m also happy to exchange some christmas cards - i know i’m a bit late this year - it’s been one :crazy_face: crazy :crazy_face: year!

just send me a message with your address and your preference - folded card / postcard or maxicard (2022 2023 i can put my hands on this weekend)

:santa: not many sleeps to go now :mrs_claus:


Never too late to send a Christmas card. I always enjoy a few extra after Christmas just to extend the festive season a little bit longer.
PM sent.