🎄 Christmas and New Year wishes

The past year was really very difficult for many people and I want to believe that we have gone through all this and the next year will be bright and happy.

Friends, let’s wish each other here a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year in this thread.
Let us here sincerely wish each other what we really want in the new 2021 year :sparkling_heart:

I congratulate all Postcrossers on the coming Merry Christmas and I wish everyone to be healthy, successful and happy in the coming new 2021 year.
And I also wish all of us peace, love and prosperity!


As we are all in this together I wish everybody more we and less I. Respect, support, sympathy, regard and love are the keys to happiness! Peace!


Merry Christmas and Happy New year to every one! I would like to present you “The song about the Dwarfs”- my brother plays the drum here. Will try to explain the text.
“When I come home, I put on my slippers. I’m a cool lad and do very well. My neighbours are arguing loudy, but I swith on my TV and pretend not heraring them. I’m sliding in the nap and trying to reach my Dream land… But suddenly I’m disturbed, because somebody is knocking to my windowsile.
The dwarfs are coming to me, the dwarfs are coming to me! In this late hour the dwarfs are coming to me! I let them in and introduce by myself: “I am a cool lad, and you’re are welcome!”
Oh my table, be covered! I put on it everything I have. Dwarfs are eating the carrots and tomatoes. So, that party continued until morning, I didn’t go to my job, we all were sleeping, where fallen down.”