Christmas 2023 excited for my first Christmas postcrossing!

I know it’s early but I’ve had a fantastic first few months on postcrossing, done some amazing swaps with so many nice people! I’m really looking forward to Christmas postcards!! I’d love to get some from all over the world, I’ve looked online here in the UK and they do seem hard to come by. It’s mainly folded greetings cards!

If you have any nice Christmas postcards let me know!

Enjoy the rest of summer



I’d recommend Christmas stamps PHQs, they are excellent. Or making your own: tis the season of crafting.


Hi Martyn, There are lots & lots of Christmas postcard swaps, tags, RRs in the Forum along with swaps for other holidays at the time as well like Hanukkah, Kwanza, Diwali, Asian New Year, Orthodox Christmas & New Year etc.

Most people swap postcards, but some swap folded cards.

There are millions of Christmas postcards you can order - check out some of the UK & EU shops online here & of course North American online shops, you just have make sure the shipping isn’t too dear and of course you can design your own too - either online & get them printed or handmade - have fun!:

I got this one made up 2 years ago from a stock image & added the words & icon & it’s been very well received.


I’m exited, too. I only joined in June and I am enjoying it so much. I have picked up a couple of wintery scenes and a vintage Christmas postcard, already. I hope you have a very merry Christmas Postcrossing! :grinning:


Its polish website but in top right corner you can switch to english. They have planty Christmas postcards write in english. Have a wee look. Postage is cheap and each card is around 50p. Piękne pocztówki na Boże Narodzenie - House of Postcards


I’ve bought many illustrated Christmas postcards from various shops on Etsy.

In the UK I’ve purchased from ‘NettleAndTwig’ and ‘MogCherie’. It doesn’t look like either seller currently has Christmas postcards on offer, but I’d try closer to the time, or message them through Etsy and ask.

‘JuliaSwanGoodies’ in The Netherlands is another artist I’ve purchased wonderful Christmas cards through on Etsy. And ‘AroundtheworldWinkel’, also in The Netherlands. Also ‘AlyonaShilina’ in Spain…she has pretty illustrated Christmas postcards too.

It is a fun time for Postcrossing and it’s worth starting to get ready now because I find the mail slows down incredibly as we get closer to Christmas-time (and life speeds up exponentially). So if you’re ordering postcards from abroad…now is good! :smiley:


This year will be my second Christmas and like you I was over the moon excited last year. So here is my advice.
Stay calm. Take a deep breath and relax. Last year I joined all kinds of RR, Swaps, surprise Christmas groups. They will soon be available in the forum.
And so will the postcards. I am pretty sure next year in January you will still have so many nice Christmas cards, you could immediately do a second round of Christmas writing.

But as you mentioned swaps… in case you order the already mentioned PHQ cards, I would be available for an exchange. :sweat_smile:

Edit to include picture:

That was my wall in the middle of December. And the last Christmas card arrived last month from China with a postmark from December 2022.


All solid suggestions and if I may, do consider looking into local charities who sell Christmas cards

You help them raise funds, you donate to a cause you believe in and you save some emissions since they’re local (or relatively local). A win-win-win :wink:


I feel like the Grinch, because I’m considering going inactive in Nov-Dec to avoid Christmas cards :sweat_smile:


Thanks everyone for these excellent ideas and suggestions, this is why I love PostCrossing!


Definitely doing this for people who like folded cards :slight_smile: thank you

Love that card !!!

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while i personally love christmas cards (and easter cards!), i would never send them to someone who’s not specifically asking for them.
that would be a sucky reason to go inactive. i mean, i understand the reason of course. but that you feel like you have to makes it sucky.

also. i don’t like summer and my favourite webshop is already adding halloween and christmas stuff so i’m just happy with adding all winter-y things to my online basket. around october i usually start joining the christmas tag on the forum so by the time it’s christmas i have a nice string of christmas cards in my living room.
if i remember correctly there’s a tag specifically for christmas folded cards so you could always join that one. and i recommend going through the link with webshops mentioned by @LC-Canada i’ve spent quite some time myself going through that list. a lot of webshops send to other countries :innocent:


I remember there are lot of Christmas related PHQ and other postcards in UK. Along with it, UK releases new Christmas stamps every year with low denominations too. They offer for sale their past issues too (both mint and used).

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I love Christmas cards also! And with the price of postage going up most of my family and friends have stopped sending cards so I am also really looking forward to post crossing this Christmas season.

I’ve already purchased my Halloween postcards. And I started designing Christmas postcards, but I still have to do quite a few of those, once I get all of my design, I’ll pick out which ones I wanna send out.

So exciting to be going into the holiday season! I’m very prayerful. It will actually cool down for the holidays this year. The farmers almanac actually says Florida’s going to have a cold winter. Fingers crossed.

By the way I sent you a private message regarding your question in this post.


I just visited another antiques centre in Wales and found four 1980s Royal Mail Christmas stamp cards at 50p each to add to my stash! :grinning:


Anyone know where to get Snoopy/peanuts Christmas postcards from? Thanks

I haven’t purchased mine yet - I will be getting them from I’m looking forward to it also - especially since my birthday is RIGHT after Christmas. I used to get so many cards for both Christmas and my birthday but my relatives have mostly stopped sending since Facebook makes it so easy to take 2 seconds to type Happy / merry; plus it’s free and postage keeps going up - so I’m super excited to have found Postcrossing! Hoping for lots of cards this year!

1 Like does have quite a few adorable Snoopy Christmas postcards. Zazzle works with a lot of big companies - I’m sure you can find pretty much anything there.


This is my favorite postcard to send out at the holidays. Sadly the website that produced them sold out early last year and don’t seem to be offering them again.Thankfully I had bought a few sets before that, but now I’m down to my last few cards.

It’s hard to find well designed and unique postcards for the holidays; whether it’s specifically for Christmas, other holiday celebrations, and/or New Year’s. I don’t like cards with Santa on them, and religious cards are not my thing either. I prefer more general holiday well wishes.
I do enjoy beautiful winter scenery and festive cards though, so I’m on the lookout. I enjoy art cards very much, so I can usually find some that work at the holiday time.
I hope you find the right postcards! Appreciate you creating this nice post, thanks!