Choosing your User Name

I have recently been trying to trace a card without an ID number from Russia. There is also no user name. The name at the end of the card does not link to anybody in the search. This got me thinking - maybe its a good idea to have your user name very similar to your own name. I do have to admit however that I am guilty of this!


I think picking a user name is very personal. Some people might not want anything close to their real name, for whatever reason.

You can always ask the Postcrossing team for help getting the ID of the card so you can register it. That way the sender will also get a message that the number was missing on the card.


Well, first of all, not everyone speaks their real names here. I sent postcards a couple of times with a pseudonym in the address.

And secondly, even if you make usernames similar to their real names, it will not cancel all the problems. There are a lot of people with the same first and last names, after all. If everyone would choose their own logins that match their real names, then the logins would end very quickly, ahaha)


To get help with an unknown ID, go here;


Oneof the reasons I include my ID name ask others to do the same to make sorting thèse issues out more easily

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I find it so weird when people have their real, full name as their username (even the surname). I never use my real or full name unless it is necessary (e.g. work, paperwork).

I alway put my meetup rubber stamp on cards so people can find me faster if necessary! :smiley:


I will start to do this now. A good idea.

Thanks for this. I will try it.