Choose countries

Is there any way for us to choose the countries from where we want to receive postcards?

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No. Postcrossing is completely random in that regard. You never know from which country your next card is coming.


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The only influence you can have is in choosing to send or receive cards from your own country or not or to send multiple cards to some of the bigger countries to help Postcrossing balance out the needs of very active countries

You can also do all kinds of direct swaps, tags or other games on the Forum to add to the countries you are receiving & sending postcards to in addition to those that are part of the formal, official Postcrossing random address draws.

That is actually only an option for sending - choosing “repeated countries” does not influence your received cards :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I fixed it - I think I just assumed it was a two way process, but you’re right, it’s not!

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the beauty of postcrossing is to send and receive from random people around the world, from random places. there have been suggestions about selecting on countries, age, gender, how many cards someone has sent… and so on. i don’t think we should discriminate within postcrossing. this is the best place to meet all kind of people, from everywhere. why should we change that?


@mchay Would it be possible to sent and receive cards based on colours?
I have many great cards but would like to send them to special people - to those having a white car, blue bike, wear striped socks on every full moon unless it falls on a weekend, wear red T shirt on every 3rd Hanukkah and use green or orange towel if 17th May or 11th October fall on even day.

PS: hope it is clear that my post is a joke as a result of all filters people are suggesting. :blush:


You can use tags/RR’s in the community forum which often are targeted to specific countries or regions.

Which countries are you interested in ?

I could provide

Germany or UNO Geneva ( maybe later on Finland )