Today I bought from postoffice​:smiley:,it looks very :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

China Post will issue a set of 4 commemorative stamps titled “China Space Station” on December 25, 2022. The stamps are: 1) round-trip; (2) Space science; (3) extravehicular activity; (4) Space home. The face value of the set is $5.40. The planned number of stamps issued is 8 million sets,

This set of stamps adopts the form of double ticket design, with dark blue as the main color, reflecting the mystery and vastness of space. Through the four themes of “round-trip to heaven and earth, space science, extraveeular activities and space home”, it shows the glorious journey of China’s manned space project from the earth home to the vast universe and the continuous realization of its dream in the past 30 years. # China Post # China Post Group

The first round trip. The picture takes the take-off of the Long March 5B carrier rocket as the foreground, and the background shows the three types of rockets used in the launching of manned spacecraft, cargo spacecraft, core module and other modules during the construction of China’s space station, as well as the tracking and control ship, tracking and control radar, tracking and control satellite re-entry module and other rich content. Xie ★

The second is space science. The picture shows different types of space science experiments in the form of ICONS, such as space life science, microgravity combustion science, microgravity fluid science, space astronomy and astrophysics, microgravity basic physics, space material science, space new technology, and space earth science.

The third capsule exit activity. The picture depicts two Chinese astronauts going into space to carry out extravehicular activities, respectively on the robotic arm and on the bulkhead to perform extravehicular operations. Feifei # Post # Commemorative Coin

The fourth space home. With the Chinese space station orbiting the earth as the main body, this stamp presents the vast expanse of space with a strong visual impact, embodies the meaning of building an aerospace power, creating a space home and exploring the unknown universe, and expresses the good wishes of peaceful use of space, openness and sharing for the benefit of mankind. ★★★# China Post # Design


They look amazing!

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They’re really amazing :sparkles::star2:

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So shiny! I really like it when this kind of shiny effects are used in space-themed stamps, they look great!


Wow, these are awesome :heart_eyes::rocket::milky_way::comet::artificial_satellite:

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