China Post lost my postcard

China Post lost my postcard. I’m so worry now. My postcard must arrive Huangshan City, Anhui Province before Jan. 5th. Because in that day China Post will issue the Year of Tiger stamp. I hope make some first-day postcard to send some postcrosser. And I contact my friend at local to help me to finish it(because I have a text). I put those postcards in an envelope and sent them to my friends. But China Post lost them. I think my postcard can’t arrive Huangshan before Jan. 5th. That is so terrible. I hope China Post can give me an explanation and they why lost my postcard.


Ok! Fine. Rule is rule.
I mean, there’s no need to make a fuss about losing a letter, like a diplomatic conflict.


Thanks for your comprehension and effort. I agree that it should be no big deal, but I understand @FoxPos too: sometimes we dedicate more time and care for some postcards, to some people it’s also quite expensive, and getting some of them lost can hurt. At least, let him vent here. It makes no harm.

@FoxPos I’ve seen your profile is a new one. Take it easy. One thing we all learn with postcrossing is patience. China post needs its time, specially out of the big cities. When I get a Chinese address, I don’t expect it to arrive before two months, really. And the same happens with those I’ve received from there. However, I consider China post slow, but reliable, as none of my postcards to China or of those I was expecting from there has been lost so far.
Join tags here in the forum if you can afford sending, at least until you get a bigger number of slots in the official, and you’ll eventually get a regular postcard flow.

I wish to be respectful of both the Chinese people and China Post. I see that China Post has lost 3 postcards I have sent to China in 2021, successfully delivered 1, and I have received 3 cards from China successfully. Hmmm… not the greatest record, but I shall see in the future how this continues…

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