I recently attended Chaos Communications Camp (CCCamp23), which is an amazing experience, but I was most amazed to find out about ChaosPost; a volunteer-run, donation-based postal service that exclusively delivers postcards in the camp and other Chaos events and to the outside world via normal Deutsche Post.

They issue their own stamps, via the customized stamps’ service of Deutsche Post and have thematic and photo postcards available at their temporary post office in the camp.

I would have loved to contribute to organizing a visit for the Little Mail Carriers to the ChaosPost office. Perhaps next time.

I did, however, send a couple of cards to fellow Postcrossers, a few more to friends and relatives around the world, and one to myself (actually to my wife, as a pretence), and kept a couple.

Moreover, all streets in the CCCamp 23 grounds were named after pioneer women in informatics, science, and maths.