Changing “sent” location


For my first few postcards sent, I was unaware of Travel Mode, and so I actually sent them from a city thousands of miles away from my home address. Is there a way to change the “sent from” location for an already received postcard? Also, does travel mode affect postcards that have been received while it’s on or those that you’ve requested while in it? For my most recent postcard, I’ve requested it while being in active mode but am sending it in a different city in travel mode, and I’m afraid that traveling postcards that have been sent in my home city but received while I’m in travel mode will be registered as sent from the travel mode city.

I’m not too fixated on the map’s accuracy, though, just wondering. If anything, I’ll just wait to go back to my home city to send it.


No, there isn’t. When you draw an address, a unique postcard ID is generated, which begins with the country code of your current location - the country of your address, when you’re not in travel mode. This ID does exist only once and can’t be changed once you’ve drawn the adress. The pin on the map is set according to your location when you requested the address.

I’m not sure I understand that question. Travel mode applies to the cards you send (meaning request the address, not actually mail the card) , as they get the country code of the land you’re currently in. And it doesn’t allow yout address to be drawn by another member in case you’re due a card. Your address is given out again only when you’ve switched off the travel mode.

The cards will show the location which was “on” where you requested the address. When you requested the address in city A in country A, this is the place which will appear when the card is registered. It doesn’t matter that you’re in city B or country C when the card arrives at its destination - the card will appear in the stats and on the map as sent from city A in country A.

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Thanks! So I guess it’s already set in stone and I’ll just wait till I’m back home to send it.

I’m having trouble with this too…right now I’m on vacations in Mexico and I tried sending a postcard but it keeps telling me that the website cannot prove I’m actually in Mexico…like idk what I’m supposed to do I think I should send help service a screenshot of my destination on the maps

In order for the travel mode to work, you need to connect to a local wifi - either with your phone/other mobile device or use a local computer. It’s the only way the service can verify your location.


You need to be connected to a local internet connection. The IP is checked to determine you are there. Your phone ISP is most likely still routing back to your home country, which then doesn’t confirm you are not at home.

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Just to add, travel mode was introduced in …2017? 2018? I don’t remember, but it wasn’t always there. So for many years before, cards were sent from holiday with the home ID. If it was possible to change, it would have been an enormous job to change it for thousands of cards. So besides the technical reasons, I guess it was kind of a fresh start for postcards sent in this situation.