Chain Postcard NA

Is anyone interested in North America Chain Postcard (1 per state) - 4-6 members! I realized it will find it’s way home quicker than international ones that could take up to a year to reach :love_letter:

Open Group (6/20)
Theme: Color

  1. Niki (TN) @niki5
  2. Delia (MD) @dnrhott
  3. Audrey (NY) @alschiavo
  4. Whitney @Beachyblonde
  5. Kendra (AK) @paperconsiderations


  • Every participant will initiate the card of their choice and will always send all the cards to a same person on the list. That way, all postcards will follow the same route.
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Sure MD

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I would love to join :slightly_smiling_face::mailbox_with_mail:

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@dnrhott @alschiavo - Yay! Welcome to the group… This will be my first chain card, I’m very excited.
I’ve updated the first post.

Any suggestions for theme of the stamps? (We can always each have their own theme as long as all participants have stamps under that theme)

I have following forever stamps in my collection:
Bugs Bunny
(for postcard stamps, I only have Barns and Coral Reefs)

I have both self adhesive (value from 40 cents to forever, postcard rate, small denomination) and then also vintage stamps.

Happy to do just about any theme, though don’t have many with people on them or art.


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Hello, Im in Alaska , first time doing a chain
Guess it just gets covered in stamps& hand cancels?


When I discovered them, I found them so fascinating… never done it before… But it should look something like this at the end!

The easiest theme would be color… since most participants are likely to have stamps in color theme!

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Oh that would be fun. Let’s do a color theme as our first one!


Can I join the open group? I will send from Georgia since that’s super close to me and TN is already taken! If that’s not okay, I completely understand!!

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of course, added you :hearts:

Any suggestions for colors?

My suggestion: Pink, Teal, Purple

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I could join, it seems easy to find purple stamps

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found a teal one but it’s only 29 cents? Hmm…what else to do with it

Added you in the group…

Yes, I’m pretty open to all colors… I can find most colors in my collection or buy new ones…

I am very much interested although I don’t understand fully the concept and how to make a chain postcard, could you explain this to me?


I’m sending you a PM @niki5