Category Tags Make Thread List Seem Cluttered


I noticed today that category tags were added to various RRs, Bingos, Tags, etc. Now, when looking at the main Bingo page, now there is the Bingo title as well as the category tag on a separate line. I think it looks crowded and is just something else to scroll through. Is there a way to not have the category tag displayed (at least on the main thread list)?

Just a suggestion.

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Since few days I see grey highlightened terms at some topics. Usually they echo the title of the topic and add no information about anything. They look like tags to me.
Is it possible not so see so much unneeded information? The overview is already overfilled with unneeded information. Why to add more of this? I understand that some people might find kind of tags added useful but isn’t it possible to have such a feature working without being visible? My screen is filled with information I don’t need and browsing there is only fun to a certain point. Where it starts to get demanding to find what I like to read between all the redundancies…
Thank you for your help.

I completely agree! It’s too much and makes it look unnecessarily busy. I’m already frustrated with the organization of the new forum (scrolling instead of pages because it always skips posts, lumping postcard tags with nonpostcard tags). This just adds to the cluttered feeling that already was there.

I understand the issue and the visual extra-clutter… but from a quick look at the developer’s forum, I don’t think there’s much we can do here. Hiding the tags would go against their usefulness, which is to help people click on them to find stuff more easily. Their background is chosen according to the theme so that they don’t stand out too much, but I’m afraid hiding them is not an option.