Cartes d’art

Hello! I am wondering if anybody can help me where to order cartes d’art? The website is very strange. I registered and i waited for weeks for them to accept it and give me a login password. So i just gave up. :frowning: any help/advice would be appreciated!

I don’t think you can purchase some of them online.
Their website is only for professional.


Have you checked your spam folders just in case the emails went there?

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Okay understood.

Yes i do. Still nothing.

I just went to a website (searched "cartes d’art) and I had a tiny warning triangle come up on the top banner. Maybe your security software blocked it if it thought it wasn’t safe.

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Okay i get you there. ill try it using my mobile data. Thanks!

It’s the same. I still have to register before i can see their products :frowning: and no emails

What websites are you looking at? I googled cartes d’arte and it came up with so many different sites

I think i am on the official one. Haven’t seen a different one I just had a look at the sign up form and it requires a Company Legal ID, so maybe they do only sell to companies/wholesale