Carrillo Elementary School: Worldwide Postcard Collection

Worldwide Postcard Collection

For the last few years, we have had a blast collecting postcards from all over the US and the World. We are going to continue this challenge for the current school year.

We need your help!
Please spread the word about our postcard collection project to friends and family.
The information you need is below.

You can send the postcards to:
Carrillo Elementary School
C/O Mrs. Diggle’s Class
2875 Poinsettia Lane
Carlsbad, CA 92009
United States of America

I found this school’s website a few years ago, and I mail the classroom postcards every year. I did email the teacher and she confirmed that they are doing the postcard project again for the 2022-2023 school year.


ill send

I am happy to contribute! Thank you for sharing!

A postcard is on its way!

Will send next week an old Karlsbad card to Carlsbad from Germany.

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I’ll be sending one early next week!

I have just mailed you a package of postcards with a child-appropriate cartoon. I hope your class will like them. Regards, JamesC (New York City, USA)

Sending a postcard asap! (:

What a great project.
I will send you a card from Köln, Germany.