Cards to India

Hello, when I send cards to India they doesn’t arrive. It’s a bit irritating because I send expensive cards and stamps. :grimacing: I’m a bit afraid to send cards now. Can I skip to send another card to India? I don’t want to. Or maybe there are tips and tricks? Gr. Francien


Cards to India can take very long and some will never arrive. Patience does the trick. And accepting the fact, that the postal system is not perfect.


Haha thank you. I will try to be. :sweat_smile:


You can’t skip.

You could try using an envelope, sometimes this is more secure (on the other side, postalworkers along the line could be tempted to assume valuables and steal the envelope)

Of course, make sure the adress is 100% correct.

Good luck (ten of my cards to India made it, four got lost forever (or at least were not registered, also no late msg after one year)


If it gives you any hope, I have sent 33 cards to India successfully in the past 13 years, with perhaps about 6-8 of them expiring. I am a user who tries to send out a second card a few months after expiration.


I’ve received cards (official and swap) from The Netherlands. Like any other postal system, ours isn’t perfect. Do consider that multiple factors could delay the delivery.

Users from all corners of the globe feel the frustration of lost sunk costs at some point, regardless of where their card is being delivered.

:crossed_fingers: your mail reaches its destination eventually.


It depends upon the location. If the car established to a big city or even a smaller Tier 2 City then there are chances that the card would arrive. I have seen that envelope has a more chance of reaching its destination then a postcard.

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I’d use not so fancy stamps otherwise maybe the mailman is interested in them …


I’ve never had any trouble with mail to and from India /UK
I do often use an envelope as people collecting stamps prefer


For me, although China and India both in Asia and I usually use SURFACE to send postcards to other Asian countries, but I usually use AIRMAIL to send postcards to India.
I think this is a great guarantee, they usually arrive within 60 days.




:+1:t2:thank you!

I don’t want to! :wink::grin:

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I had received all cards sent to me (mostly 90% accuracy) cause some of them are delayed or lost in transit, but mail do reach me even though delayed transport


I have received and sent cards to India. 3 weeks to hit the postbox so far.
I’d say it depends very much on a particular area, because travelling within the country can delay delivery as well.
Hopefully your cards will arrive, even those that expired. Did you try to contact people to see if they actually got the cards? Maybe they couldn’t register them after the cards expired?


You can absolutely register a postcard even after it has expired. The card drops out of the system only after 365 days, at which pont it really can no longer be registered.


The only tips and tricks for avoiding sending postcards to India is to activate the setting to “have several postcards traveling to the same countries at the same time”
You will draw addresses almost exclusively for Germany, USA, and Russia


I’m surprised about this thread, I didn’t think India was in any ways problematic. Not with travels, not anyone stealing stamps, I think that risk is with every country?

And I so rarely get addresses to India, looks like last year only 6, travel times from 15 to 42 days, not one expired.

Now I have one expired to a member who is not seen for two months, I assume it’s received anyways. And one travelling, that I’m about to mail today. So only two cards to India this year.

@Fransje how many do you have travelling there and how many expired?
You could contact your mail office about this too, unless you haven’t already. And maybe ask other postcrossers in your country do they have troubles with their mail to India.

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