Cards on their way to you

Is there any way of calculating how many cards may be on their way to you?

The best guess is the difference between your sent and received cards. But that might not be right, as the address might get given out too many times occationally.

Does that mean there is only one card on its way to me? I have nine cards travelling.

Als long as you have the ‘Now YOU will receive a postcard from another random member… keep an eye on your mailbox!’ at the bottom of the hurray-message, your adress is mixed into the pool/given out, and a card is on its way to your home. The exact number is difficult to calculate (for non-admin-outsiders), as sometimes there is more demand for adresses (of ‘rarer’ countries) and sometimes less.

The cards you have travelling don’t influence the cards you’re due to receive, only the cards that have arrived/were registered.


Yes, of course. And as soon as one of your travelling cards is registered another postcrosser will get your address to send a card to you.

Thank you. :wave:

Interestingly the more cards you send the bigger difference between your Sent/Received cards…your received cards number will fall behind your Sent cards number, however if you stopped sending cards your Received cards number will catch up to your Sent cards number…

Not necessarily :smiley: If a member has received more or equal postcards than they have Sent then the address is not given out at that time.

That is correct. The answer is in the Hurrah email a member receives.


years ago when I was new you had extra received as I was new; I can`t remember if I had any travelling at that point.

Quite often I have more cards received than sent. That happens if I draw new addresses and the cards travel for a while. If I stop drawing new addresses, the numbers level up again. So obviously sometimes my address goes into the address pool before I receive hurray mails for my sent cards.

It’s also explained in the Postcrossing FAQ - so no big mystery.

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I currently have 27 cards sent and 10 cards received. My hope is that I’m getting postcards from far away and not that any of them got lost! :slight_smile:

Lately, I’ve pulled a lot of Russian and German addresses. I noticed those tend to take a bit longer to reach their destination from the US.