Cards for a school project in France

Hello postcrossing friends,

A school in the city I grew up in is asking for cards from all over the world for a project. Here is their message:

Their project’s name is “World tour”. The kids are aged 3 to 10. If you add your e-mail in the message they will send a thank you. You can write to them at the following address (before July 2022):
École Sainte Marie
15 bis rue du commandant Foucaud
16300 Barbezieux Saint Hilaire

Thank you!


We’ll get one in the mail today!


Do they only want postcards from French speaking countries?

They wrote in French because their main goal is to get postcards from all of the French provinces (départements), but they would also like to receive some from all over the world.

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Nope. From what I understood they want from the “entire world”. :blush:

I summarized their message, but if I translate it more literally, it says:
“We would like to receive postcards from all French departments and maybe, we hope, from the entire world”
I understand that they would like to receive from all countries but were not sure it was possible.

They should understand basic english and their professor can help them.

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Will send a Texas one (in French)… :cowboy_hat_face:


I would love to
From West Virginia

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I will send you.
I will try to write in french with the google :grin:

Will send you one from Hong Kong