Cards as bookmarks

I like my books and bookmark themes to match but I never have enough bookmarks on hand so I use received cards instead. Just picked up a used copy of Nala’s story and found a card sent from Taiwan in 2018. Does anyone else use cards for bookmarks?



I do! If a card arrives while my book is downstairs I register the card then use it as a bookmark until I take it upstairs to file it away. I also paint a new bookmark for each book I read then leave it there when I donate back to the book shop. I sometimes paint postcards and leave them in there, too, with Postcrossing details for people to find. :blush:


My mother in law taught me to use treasured postcards and birthday cards as bookmarks in my cookbooks. It’s is a treat to come across one when I am searching for a recipe. I keep my Postcrossing cards in a separate notebook but I think I may choose some faves and use them in this way. It would be fun to match an Italian card with a pasta recipe, etc….


We find a lot of postcards in the books that are donated to our library. (Boarding passes were also often used as bookmarks, but now they are electronic!)


I do this pretty often…have a book about the 1st giraffe brought to Europe marked with a giraffe postcard and a book about how the tulip craze nearly broke the Dutch economy marked with a tulip postcard…some of my other books are a bit more of a challenge!


As a teen, when collecting postcards with horses, I often went to the library to check, if they had found horse-cards in their books. Usually they gave them to me then, though I never pretended to be their owner …

Last few month’ I’ve found several precious old cards in some of my books. And two I found in a carton for shoes. :grin:

And yes, sometimes I use them as bookmarks on purpose. But very rarely, because I like them to be presented in the bookshelfs themselves.


I received a card I really liked, but unfortunately arrived damaged with a large corner piece missing. Channeled my disappointment into re-purposing it as a bookmark. :+1:


I’ve always used postcards as bookmarks, I picked up the habit from my parents when I was a child. They’re big and sturdy enough hence I won’t lost them easily :grin: Usually I don’t match my bookmark cards with the books I’m reading at the given moment but I like to switch them from time to time. Mostly I like to use postcards that I find somehow special. Nice way to keep these cards closer to me :slight_smile:


Whenever my mother bought a birthday card for someone she would always buy one that had a picture or design that could be cut down to make a pretty bookmark. :smile:


That is so nice of you! I’m sure the person who gets the book next and finds the painted bookmark has a pleasant surprise to make their day


There are always plenty of Bookmarks for me, and frequently my lovely friends send me some cute ones to make my books happy:)
Would love to use any card as bookmark if it’ll be mini sized or vertical


I use some of my postcards for bookmarks too! :heart:


what a cutie ^^

I have plenty of bookmarks too, but tend to not find them when I need them xD So I basically use anything that comes across and has the right size - just a little selection of what I already used instead of bookmarks: toothpick, bills, postcards, socks, any paper scraps, candy wrap…


I wonder how socks can be used as Bookmark!!:hushed:

I do! I always use cards for bookmarks. And I also like to write some of my favorite poems on the cards.


I don’t, because I can always find a bookmark when I need one.

These are about a quarter of my collection. Whenever I get a book off the shelf to add to my reading pile, or bring back books from the library, I match them up with a bookmark (at the moment, I’m choosing bookmarks based on the colour of the book’s cover). So all these already have bookmarks in them, sometimes two.

I used to collect bookmarks, but then I discovered Postcrossing, so now I collect blank postcards and unused stamps. :woozy_face: Maybe I have a problem. And an obsessive personality…


You have Rebecca Tope in that pile - she is a post crosser - lovely lady

How amazing, and pleasing. I enjoy her books.

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that way ^^


@Tetsuko you nailed it!
And I love the :pizza:

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